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Our selection and recruitment process is very methodical. This enables us to maintain a very high operating standard to match the needs of both the clients as well as candidates. We serve our clients by identifying, assessing and recruiting exceptional candidates. This is why in corporate parlance it has become a cliché to state that whatever you're looking for in a job, Team Recruiters can help you find it. With the best job search tools and career advice on the planet...we work seamlessly to offer you the right job on a platter.

We focus on recruiting candidate for all levels.

Our success is firmly entrenched in our philosophy to form partnerships, collaborations and long-term relationships with clients who take advantage of our bouquet of manifold specialized services.

Search Methodology

Understanding the client’s organisation with regard to existing business activities, organisation structure, culture and future growth plans.

Mapping position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, principal accountabilities and other relevant details.

Developing a Sourcing Strategy that draws up a target list of appropriate industries and/or companies from which to recruit and utilising our network, along with our database to develop a list of most promising candidates within these companies. This is presented to the client as a comprehensive list of people we intend to approach.

Establishing Contact once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates. Candidates are contacted and apprised of the opportunity for eliciting their interest in the position.

Evaluating candidates with the aim of determining a profile match with the job, their career aspirations and suitability in the context and culture of client organisation.

Reference Checks on candidate(s) who have been selected for hire, before the offer is formally extended. If required, we could also help conduct a background check on these candidates.

Negotiations for the final candidate’s compensation requirements and if required, assist in completing the hiring arrangements.

Post joining follow- ups with the client and candidate ensuring smooth transition

Client and Job Profile Analysis

  • Assessment and appraisal of client needs and requirements.
  • Careful and researched perusal of companies profile, activities and future plans.
  • Understanding background of the job and its scope


  • Advertising in newspapers and magazines
  • Screening our computerized as well as manual database
  • Performing executive search and head hunting
  • Receive inputs from our dedicated research cell
  • Short listing suitable candidates


  • Suitability of Candidate: Assessing suitability of candidates through personal and telephonic interactions, collection of basic data like current salary, expected salary, relocation availability etc.
  • Candidate and Client Interaction: Arranging for candidates interaction with client.
  • Referral Checks: Performing reference checks of finalized candidates.

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