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It has been our endeavour to bring to you solutions which assist you in the upward journey in your profession. Personal Profile Creation / Resume Writing & Branding is our big stride in this direction….. we create a beautiful story around your expertise and skills…your Personal Brand Management.


Whether you are a Working Professional, Self Employed Professional or a Business Owner and irrespective of whatever industry you work in, you very well know that the only way to grow is by growing your SALES which in today's time translates into growing your “VISIBILITY”.

Seeking a good opportunity is becoming an extremely challenging online battle with the advent of a number of platforms and emerging platforms.

The professional is at his wits end trying to keep track of his profile and the matching opportunity on the various portals he has opted for. To add to the problem is the dependence on technology which has introduced the concept of “Keywords” which assists the Recruiter in identification of a suitable prospect.


We at Team Recruiters strongly believe that your Personal Brand has to be very strong… and fluid as well, both at the same time, so as to address the changing requirement of a dynamic environment.

And, a brand after all is nothing but a story… a communication from the owner of the brand about the values and promises….

What do we do?

We create stories, we write stories and we promote stories…….of the Person, Product and Services.

Let that story be YOURS….

The result….

  • Enhanced Visibility & Improved Response to the Profile.
  • Showcase correctly the skills and expertise.
  • Usage of “Keywords” to identify & shortlist the profile from amongst the thousands available.
  • Our Professional Charges...

    We at Team Recruiters in positioning the product, have addressed the cost consideration of our clients. Our professional charges are:

    What to expect…

    Personal Profile Creation & Branding is a specialized service designed to enhance visibility and response for your Profile, Product or Service.

    For a Working Professional or a Self Employed Professional they enable you to have a structured CV or a Profile, prioritise & focus on things you want to talk about, areas you want to highlight, your USP’s. They help you in presenting your CV or a Profile in the format which focuses on your areas of strength so that you initiate discussions on your thrust area.

    In addition to working and building up your profile, we work towards Branding / Positioning of your profile. We use our connect with the top organisations and professionals in the industry and help you in showcasing your expertise and profile to these top-notch players in the industry. We give you visibility through social media platforms which improves your chances of getting noticed by the Top Executive or his Team.


    We weave a story around your skills, expertise…. and showcase it to the industry using Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Whatsapp and Facebook in the form of an Interview, Video, Post or small write-ups.

    Keeping in view the requirement of the professional we work out a schedule for the brand push creating a genuine interest in the professional, his skills and achievements. The vision of the professional defines whether the activity is a long term or a short term exercise.

    Kunal Gupta, Sales Leader

    Anu Binny, Learning & Development Expert

    Sandeep Srivastava, Educator Entrepreneur & Budding Politician

    Sanjay Kumar, Professor & Director, CSDS

    Sameer Kapoor, Blogger by Choice / Finance Enthusiast / Speaker

    Syed Asim, Sales Expert / Entrepreneur

    Abhay Kumar, HR Consultant

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